We do B2B not retail.
We only produce and wholesale materials for the decorative techniques we have developed and
We follow every step of production, our products are certified non-toxic and tested
tested specifically for use.
They are made from the best raw materials because for us quality, safety and the
continuous study of innovative production processes.
We are present on the international market with Distributors, and we follow our customers with technical support,
training courses, events, international trade fairs and more.
Experience and passion distinguish our work, we have a Creative Team and we continuously create
new lines and finishes to meet the needs of the market and the public.
It is very important to us to stay in touch with the end consumer, to offer advice, ideas and support
technical support.
Our company is named after our founder, who has been in the world of decoration for over 30 years,
artist, designer, scholar in the creative field and creator of the patented technique Sospeso Trasparente,
creator of the Sugar Wire and expert in one and two-component resins.

Sospeso Trasparente
is our brand name and is a registered trademark. It is the name of our patented decorative technique
A unique revolutionary decorative technique, it allows shape and texture to be given to
a flat image of paper, tissue paper or lightweight fabric, thanks to the material used.
The cutout glued to a special non-toxic thermoformable plastic sheet, once modelled
with a heat source, it takes the shape of our choice.
The name Sospeso Trasparente means: raised and transparent workmanship.
The basic technique in fact uses a printed napkin sheet, very fine tissue paper or fabric
light fabric. The resulting decorations are transparent and ultra-strong.
A simple printed design is thus transformed into a decorative object.
Subsequently, we developed an already printed Patent Mouldable Film to simplify the process and thus obtain
a further processing variant. Everyone can customise and interpret a unique style, fulfilling their creativity
while having fun…