Who we are



Monica Allegro srl Unipersonale
It is a company specialized in exclusive products for decoration. The line of our products is designed specifically for decorative techniques invented and patented by us.

The high quality of the materials and the innovative research are the strengths , our products are no-toxic, certified and realized with the best raw materials  because it’s crucial for us safety, technology and the continued study of innovative products.
The only original products have our brand and are guaranteed for this use, specially designed in every detail.

 Sospeso Trasparente is a registered brand and it is referred to a decorative technique  with a patented .

The name of our company is the name of our founder, artist and designer, scholar in the field of technical creative creator Sospeso Trasparente patented the competent offices and creator of Sugar Wire.
The experience and passion distinguishes our work and the recognition of a style Italian makes us happy to represent our country.