Sospeso Trasparente


The Sospeso Trasparente  is a three-dimensional technique, unique in its kind thanks to the material used allows to give shape and texture to paper images.

The paper, veil or greater basis weight, is applied to a particular plastic sheet thermoformable non-toxic and once molded with a heat source, takes the form chosen by us. You can use a multitude of materials: napkins, veil papers, thick papers, fabrics, resins for abstract work, or films that were printed

There are different procedures to heat the product, direct contact with a heat source such as a candle, a simple hair dryer, with hot air tools for embossing, or the use of a heating plate such as iron for ironing.
The ideal technique to heat, especially for small operations, remains the candle.

Our patented technique has a whole line of specific materials.