Legal Notices

Monica Allegro srl  is the sole holder of the Sospeso Trasparente technique, conceived and patented at the competent offices.

Sugar Wire is a product conceived by Monica Allegro srl and is the exclusive owner of the know-how related to specific use and related techniques.

The name Sospeso Trasparente is also a registered trademark, and many products in the line are patented and protected by copyright laws.

Commercial uses of the technique and of the name are authorized, exclusively for the purpose of marketing our indispensable products for the use of the technique for private use.

No other commercial use of the technique is permitted unless expressly authorized by written agreement.

The licensor does not grant explicit or implicit rights to use processes and / or processes that lead to the production of finished objects for commercial purposes.

It is understood that the production of a few finished pieces, falls within a tolerance and does not involve authorization, but the production and exclusive marketing of objects or accessories, requires explicit authorization and written license and therefore consent.

The line of official products combined with the technique is that in the original packaging, other packaging of the materials is not authorized and above all the sale of similar or deceptive products for the consumer combined with our brand.


Demonstrations or courses are allowed, directly linked to the sale of original Sospeso Trasparente products.

Demonstrations or courses at our official dealers or certified teachers are permitted in exhibitions or public events.

For any controversy that may arise in the interpretation of this information, only a court having its seat in Italy, court of Turin, will be competent, with the exclusion of any competing or alternative forum, the Italian version of these rules will be used for the purposes of interpretation in the resolution.

The entire content of the site is covered by copyright are not permitted and therefore the reproduction of texts and any image unless expressly authorized is prohibited.